Friday, June 17, 2011


The second leg of the Ireland trip is over now. We spent a little less than a week in Kilkenny, which is a smaller city between Galway and Dublin. Throughout our trip to Ireland we've been pretty fortunate with the weather. Most of our days have been sunny, with only a little bit of the wetness Ireland's famous for. Of course our luck couldn't last, and it ran out at the worst time. As soon as we got off the bus to Kilkenny, as we were pulling all our luggage to our hostel, we got caught in a downpour. Of course it started to rain as soon as we were stuck in the middle of the street waiting for the chance to cross, so we had no choice but to keep on walking. As soon as we could stop for cover the rain stopped. Just our luck.

We didn't spend too much time in the city of Kilkenny itself, because we also visited the surrounding counties. There's so much history in Ireland - all of the castles, churches and abbeys we visited were centuries old, and some of them are still in use today.

My favorite part of our visit to southern Ireland was visiting the beach! At the end of one of our bus tours we took a drive along the shore, and stopped in a coastal town. The water was beautiful! It was so bright, and it even felt warm, even though it clearly wasn't a swimming day. Our visit made me excited for the warm beaches I'll be coming home to in a week.

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